After reading somewhere that the best furniture polish is of beeswax, and finding some options on Amazon, I ordered some Daddy Van's with the lavendar and orange scent. I have an old Arts & Crafts dresser that has its original finish and that years ago my dog tried to climb up onto to get at a cup of coffee with cream in it that I had left on top of the ill-fated dresser... whose top and front were badly damaged by a day alone with a very determined small dog who did manage to tip the coffee over and do quite a number on the top finish, with bad claw damage and liquid damage on the front as well. Years have passed, during which I had used lemon-scented aerosol polish and sometimes a lemon oil which soaked in deeply and seemed to help the wood, but had a terribly chemically smell. The Daddy Van's wax did seem expensive to me, but I thought I would try it based on what I had read (this was in a book by the "How Clean is Your House?" TV show people). Well, I would have to say that this is one of those products that is life changing. When it arrived I popped it open to sniff it and what a great scent! Not chemically in the slightest - it could just as well be an aromatherapy candle ... so of course I had to try it out right away because it smelled so good I couldn't resist. The effect was immediate and beautiful. I was only going to do a small area just to check it out, but ended up doing the whole dreasser right then because it was such a pleasure that I just kept going with it. It goes on easily, smells fantastic, gives wonderful results. One application took care of the lingering liquid light marks on my dresser. I cannot say enough about this wax. FANTASTIC product and a real pleasure to use. Definitely exceeded my expectations - I had no clue about beeswax polish before, but now I would not dream of using anything else again if I can get this. Just wonderful! Thanks Daddy Van's! ~ Susan

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