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We Get Love Letters! Read Some Raves From Daddy Van's Fans


After reading somewhere that the best furniture polish is of beeswax, and finding some options on Amazon, I ordered some Daddy Van's with the lavendar and orange scent. I have an old Arts & Crafts dresser that has its original finish and that years ago my dog tried to climb up onto to get at a cup of coffee with cream in it that I had left on top of the ill-fated dresser... whose top and front were badly damaged by a day alone with a very determined small dog who did manage to tip the coffee over and do quite a number on the top finish, with bad claw damage and liquid damage on the front as well. Years have passed, during which I had used lemon-scented aerosol polish and sometimes a lemon oil which soaked in deeply and seemed to help the wood, but had a terribly chemically smell. The Daddy Van's wax did seem expensive to me, but I thought I would try it based on what I had read (this was in a book by the "How Clean is Your House?" TV show people). Well, I would have to say that this is one of those products that is life changing. When it arrived I popped it open to sniff it and what a great scent! Not chemically in the slightest - it could just as well be an aromatherapy candle ... so of course I had to try it out right away because it smelled so good I couldn't resist. The effect was immediate and beautiful. I was only going to do a small area just to check it out, but ended up doing the whole dreasser right then because it was such a pleasure that I just kept going with it. It goes on easily, smells fantastic, gives wonderful results. One application took care of the lingering liquid light marks on my dresser. I cannot say enough about this wax. FANTASTIC product and a real pleasure to use. Definitely exceeded my expectations - I had no clue about beeswax polish before, but now I would not dream of using anything else again if I can get this. Just wonderful! Thanks Daddy Van's! ~ Susan

Unbelievably effective producing beautiful results!

I've used both the Lavender and Lavender/Sweet Orange beeswax products. I'm thrilled with both because it makes the furniture and cabinets look rich and beautiful! I don't know how else to describe it other than to say the wood just glows as if lit from within. It doesn't produce that high gloss/lacquered look, but definitely produces shine and brings out the wood grain. My mother used it on blond cabinetry in both a bathroom and kitchen where the finish was removed due to water damage and improper cleaners (Clorox wipes, Yikes!). Due to the damage, she applied then let the product sink in for several hours before buffing it out. Afterwards the wood from the water damaged section looked better than the wood from the non-damaged section, so she finished all of the cabinets. The results are beautiful. You can't tell where the damage occurred. Better yet, the water now beads up on the cabinets preventing future damage. By the way, my mother is 70-years old and is now a Daddy Van's fanatic. She has set a goal to "Daddy Van" all of her wood antiques plus any other wood she finds whether it is in her house or not. She and I both agree the products are a pleasure to use not only because of the scents, but it also makes your hands soft. I hope they never stop making this stuff!

On another note about application, I have to agree with other reviewers that a little goes a long way. Hence, a very cost effective product. If the wood has a tacky feel after your done, too much wax was used and too much wax remains on the wood, which will cause dust to collect. I made this mistake in the beginning. Just get a clean terry cotton cloth and buff until the surface doesn't feel tacky. Also, I pre-clean the surface with Murphy's Oil soap (on varnished surfaces only) and let dry before first applying the Daddy Van's. I know the sweet orange oil is known for dissolving grease, but I like to "Daddy Van" a clean surface.

I'm a guy and even I can appreciate the effect

Got a new solid wood desk from Crate and Barrel. Wanted protection from accidental water.

Applied wax with part of clean cloth. Waited a few minutes, the wiped/buffed it dry with unused part of cloth. It gave the maple wood a nice deep even color. Not shiny, but a nice gentle sheen. Smelled very good for about a day. 3 days later still looks great. Not sure how often I'll have to do this, but I would definitely use this on new wood furniture for initial protection. OMG, I think I just recommended buffing my wood with this wax for protection!

Also, I was a little nervous due to the review describing darkening the wood due to oil. Although I cannot comment on his situation, when I applied the wax, the color became more uniform. I would not describe the effect as oily or shiny at all but rather a very subtle sheen. I can barely notice it is there. Also, I tested it with a couple drops of water... this is by no means waterproof, but it is effective at making the wood water resistant (or tolerant). I tested the wood by dropping a couple drops of water on my desk... the water beaded up nicely. Once a towel was applied, the water much preferred the towel to the desk. I did not experience any discoloration or any need to re-apply to balance out anything. I realize I sound like a shill but I was reviewing my review and saw the other review that had made me hesitate before purchase, so I felt like addressing it. Personally I get a lot from these reviews, so I try to help others the way you people help me. So, as stated above, I can recommend this to treat real wood.


All I have to say is WOW! You only need to lightly rub an old cotton tshirt over the beeswax, then rub into the wood. My table looks incredible. My dining room table looks so rich and healthy. Having two small boys (3 and 5), I am constantly cleaning and scrubbing the dining room table. Van's Beeswax restores the woods natural beauty. Worth every penny and MORE! Can't recommend enough.

Old Fashioned Furniture Wax

I bought this wax in order to wax wood furniture but soon found myself waxing my stained glass lamps, my marble fireplace, my kitchen counters, and even my hardwood floors. The wax came with 6 washable terrycloth buffers which work very well (just wash and dry the buffer pads before using for the first time to remove the tiny little fuzzies like you find on new bath towels). I really like this wax.

Makes a tedious task pleasant

Bought this for our antique table. A boring job is made a lot easier. It's like using aromatherapy. Also a little goes a long way.

In Love!

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Daddy Van's Beeswax wood polish. I ordered 3 tins of it last week, received my fast shipping from you, and over the last 2 days I used it on ALL of my wood furniture in my home. Although our home is small, we love wood, particularly rustic looking pine and we have it in every single room of our house. The wood just ate it up and now I have glowing, warm lovely wood again! This product of yours is a little miracle. The scent is wonderful and I love the fact that is has nothing harmful in it (I have 2 inquisitive Boston Terriers that MUST lick and sniff everything...!) You can be sure when it is time to do it again I will order more. Daddy Van's is really good stuff!

Most Sincerely, Elizabeth C.

Kitchen Cabinets & Cherrywood Furniture

"Tried it on my kitchen cabinets and it works great. Prior to using your product, I had only used Pledge on my furniture, so I did'nt know what to expect in term of ease of application, etc. Your product is remarkable easy to use and gives superb results. I have recently acquired very high quality solid cherry bedroom furniture and I want to care for it properly. That's why I checked online and found your product which was highly recommended by several different sources. I was not disappointed and look forward to using Daddy Van's to protect and maintain my new furniture." ~ Natalie N., Coventry, RI

Praise and a Question

I just received your unscented furniture polish and used it on a much-abused teak dining table (I have a 4-yr old, enough said!). The table came out beautiful! It's glowing and most of the light areas and the dark spots have vanished. Now I'm tempted to use the furniture polish on my beat-up black leather couch. Can your furniture polish be used on leather? It's a smooth black leather that's shiny from use and abuse...Does your polish (the oil) potentially go rancid? That wouldn't be so bad on a table that you can scrub but on a couch it could be bad. -- If your polish can't be used on leather, do you know of an all-natural toxin-free product you can recommend?

Thanks for your great product!! I am so impressed by its performance and will recommend it to friends and family.


Question Answered!


thanks for the quick answer. I am just so thrilled with how great my teak table came out! it seems to actually look even better now, about 3 weeks after I treated it, then right afterwards.

I cleaned my leather couch with a damp cloth until the cloth came away no longer soiled, gave the couch a little time to dry and then used your unscented polish on it. I let it sit a few hours and then buffed it (with a soft cloth). Looked great. A few days later the surface (in the most abused spots) felt a little rough and hard again (just like it did right after the cleaning) so I used more polish. Now it feels soft and good again. I'll keep monitoring it but I think it did the trick!

thanks again for the quick reply. It's so nice to get quick personal attention : )


1868 South Carolina Farmhouse

"The bees wax polish arrived and I couldn't be more pleased. My house is a 1868 South Carolina farmhouse with all the original fireplaces. Half of the mantles and surrounds are unpainted hand carved heartpine and I've been searching for the proper was to seal them. Your product has already brought out the beauty of the wood and I know the mantles will only get better looking the longer I use your wax.

Thanks again."

~ Sharon D. Chesterfield, SC

Your Product is so Amazing!

"I just wanted to let you know that the order came on Monday! I have had more fun and have taken before and after photos too!

Your product is so amazing, and has made not only the wood I use it on look wonderful, but my hands are so soft! ????

I have several Antique pieces that have been crying for help. Antique Road show has appraisers that say only Bees Wax .... on old pieces .. So that is why I went looking.

Your web site, Your Name and now your Product has sold me.

The fragrance is Lavender is so soothing.

I am just thrilled to have found You and Your wonderful product.

Thank you for the very fast service. My Old wood thanks you too. By the way, it works wonderful on old wood slat baskets (I love them) I have one that I use to gather garden veggies and it's well over 100 yrs old and now the basket just glows with character.

Thank You again" ~ Carol

Love Your Product!

"Hi, I wanted to let you know that I recently ordered a tin of your sweet orange furniture polish. Wow! I totally love your product. What an amazing difference it has made to all the wood furniture in my home. Not only does it smell terrific but I can see it is doing so much good for the wood. I had to let you know that I'm now completely hooked on polishing and buffing my furniture with my Daddy Van's. I've even turned it into a verb - for example I'll point out to my husband that I "daddy-vanned the china cabinet" or "I'm going to daddy van that table tomorrow.". You have created a fabulous product and it has given me so much pleasure to see my crummy semi-antiques glowing with a new found beauty. I have just ordered another tin (lavender, this time.) I've recently had a bit of a health issue so it has rocked to be able to feel useful and busy "daddy-vanning" my house. Good for me and good for my furniture! Thanks a lot for making such a great product."

Sincerely, Diane S., Durham, NC

Your Wax Rocks!

"Your wax rocks! I so wish I had taken before and after photos...I have an old wood table that I had outside on my deck. It was all faded and worn looking. I used the wax on it and everyone who's seen it thinks it's a new table! The before and after was amazing!" ~ Stacey C., Arizona

Beautiful Finish
Beautiful Finish

"About a month ago you had sent us a can of Sweet Orange Oil Beeswax. Well, I have been using it and it is great! As a hobby, I make wooden ink pens on a wood lathe. To seal in the finish, I have been using your beeswax. It makes my pens really shine and adds some beauty to them. When this can is gone, we will be buying some more." ~ Launie W., Festus, MO

Water Damage!

"Just thought I'd tell you, my kitchen cabinets below the sink were looking pretty bad. I have two kids - 6 and 3 - and BOTH have totally loved playing with water in the sink (thankfully, the six year old has now moved on to other interests), so we have had a LOT of splashing and dripping right around there. the cabinet just below the sink was looking bad with some water damage - the finish has pretty much worn off.

anyway, so i put some of your polish on it, and it looks sooooo much better! i think you can hardly tell that it's damaged!" ~ Anna M., Seattle WA

In praise of  Daddy Van's Unscented Beeswax Furniture Polish
In praise of  Daddy Van's Unscented Beeswax Furniture Polish

"Your product works great. My grandparent's bedroom set hasn't looked that good in years! Even filled in scratches. It has a wonderful honeyish aroma that isn't overbearing at all."

~ Mary C., Winona, MN

My Grandmother's Sewing Cabinet
My Grandmother's Sewing Cabinet

"I am enclosing a picture that I took of my grandmother's sewing cabinet. I am polishing everything in the house. This stuff is great! I think that you will be able to see the life that it brought back to the wood on this cabinet." ~ Daria D., Seminole, FL

And more...

"This product is wonderful, I used it on my white oak natural table and it looks beautiful."

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 Three Ways To Use Daddy Van's by Angela Davis
 Three Ways To Use Daddy Van's by Angela Davis

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